Mission Statement

The Children of Faith Learning Center is a facility that will provide services for youth, ECE through 12th grade. Our program has four main objectives: Counseling, Job and Computer Training, Tutoring, and Socialization Skills. Our Mission is to help motivate children to excel in life, stay in school, and prepare them for the future. The Children of Faith Learning Center is focused on the spiritual, physical, and mental well being of the child.  We desire to integrate the social, cultural, psychological and spiritual guidance that is essential for progressive matriculation into society.

Children of Faith Students will be able to experience things that may not have been possible otherwise.  The program offers field trips to various influential places so that the children may gain a broader perspective of the world around them.  Many youth have yet to experience the joys others take for granted such as visiting a big city, a theme park, or attending professional sporting events.  We wish to expose the children as early as possible to such opportunities.  They must be fully equipped with the tools and life skills they need to realize their potential and attain their goals.           

The educators of The Children of Faith Learning Center believe that if a child’s life experiences are more positive, their outlook on life will not be bleak, but abounding in hope and possibility.  We trust that if we sow good seeds into our youth, they will reap a harvest of good fruit. We don’t just want to teach hope, we wish for them to see hope with their own eyes. By demonstrating to them a different outlook on life, we are giving them something for which to strive for. We desire to build a positive support system in their lives by implementing the following program components:

  1. Counseling: guiding individuals by offering sound advice, delineating positive alternatives, helping articulate goals, providing guidance and structure to uplift those with low self-esteem, offering a loving support system, and teaching problem solving and coping skills.
  2. Job Training & Computer Skills: offering beginning computer skills, becoming proficient in Microsoft Office, completing electronic and paper job applications, presenting one’s self at an interview, preparation for college or other institutions of higher learning.
  3. Tutoring: providing assistance with homework, preparing for LEAP and other standardized tests (such as ACT and SAT), and provide basic & advanced training in reading, science, math and writing for individuals who need extra assistance.
  4. Socialization skills: learning to properly speak and suppress anxiety when presenting them self before an audience, writing with fluency and structure, providing activities such as games, outings, and recreation to improve the interpersonal skills of the individual.

Since no two children are alike, we apply various methods of teaching and executing the above components to adhere to the youth without compromising their individuality. We must search the hearts, minds, and souls of the children in order to obliterate every negative assumption they accept as true.   We will change unruly behavior patterns with love, incentives, and structure.  In doing so, we are laying down a new foundation and building up a new, motivated, and determined asset to society.  Our hope is that the individuals that experience our program will be inspired to reach out and help those less fortunate. That is what The Children of Faith Learning Center is all about, positively changing the mindsets, core values and actions of this generation and generations to come.

After School Program:

Counseling: to guide individuals by giving advice delineating alternatives, helping articulate goals and proving needed information, provides guidance and structure, to build up low self-esteem, to provide a support system, to promote problem solving, and coping skills.

Job Training & Computer Skills: beginning computer skills, how to fill out electronic and paper job application, how to present yourself at an interview, preparation for college or any other assistance with what ever future they may embark upon

Tutoring: provide assistances with homework, prepare for leap and other tests (such as ACT and SAT), and provide reading drills for youth who needs extra assistance.

Socialization skills: provide social skills such as speaking understandably and writing accurately, provide activities such as game, outings, and recreation to improve the interpersonal relationship skills of the individual.

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